How Pollution Can Affect your Hair

Where you live can affect your general health including your skin’s health and appearance of your complexion. Those living in the countryside are less exposed to pollution, carbon emission, and yes believe it not microplastics which are now believed to be literally raining down upon us*.


Any city dweller can inform you that even if you wash your hair regularly the water that streams off you in the shower can look like you’ve been playing outside in the dirt. You also might be more prone to breakouts due to the grime of city-life.

So, what does this mean for your skincare? Do you need "anti-pollution" products or do you just need to ensure your skincare regime includes certain ingredients?

If you live in a city environment you probably need a better skincare routine than those living in less polluted areas. Your skin needs to be in peak health in order to protect itself from the damaging effects of pollution, a bit like your immune system.

To ensure your skin has the best tools available to keep happy and healthy (and therefore able to be an effective barrier against pollution) ensure that your skincare products are full of antioxidants which help to battle the ageing and depleting effects of free-radical particles (vitamin C specifically helps to repair damaged skin cells), and of course make sure your skin is gently cleansed and moisturised on a daily basis. However, from all of our experience nutrient packed, natural, hydrating skincare is excellent at providing everything your skin needs to stay healthy.

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